Town Council Meetings

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About Town Council Meetings

The meeting schedule for 2019 is:

Tuesday 29th January

Tuesday 5th March (Annual Town Meeting AND Full council meeting).

Tuesday 16th April

 Tuesday 14th May Annual Parish Meeting (AGM)

Tuesday 25th June

 Tuesday 6th August

 Tuesday 17th September

 Tuesday 29th October

 Tuesday 10th December

 All meetings are held at 7pm at the North Euston Hotel. Members of the public are welcome to attend any full meeting or committee.

Full Council Meetings

Extra-ordinary meeting 11th December

Agenda for 11th December

Please note this meeting will be held at 6.30 pm at 122 Poulton Rd (the council offices). There is a single item for consideration, which is a grant aid application. Whilst members of the public are welcome, please note there will be standing room only.

Draft Minutes for 11th December

Full Council Meeting 13th November
Full Council meeting 2nd October
Full council meeting 21st August
Full Council Meeting 10th July 2018
Annual Parish Meeting (AGM) 29th May 2018
Full Council meeting 24th April 2018
Full council and annual Town Meeting (open session for the electorate) 13th March
Extra-ordinary meeting to approve payments only

To be held at 122 Poulton Rd (council offices) at 7pm

Agenda for 27/02/2018

Minutes for 27/2/18

Full council meeting of 30 January 2018